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  • water-based acrylic colors, durable & lightfast
  • transparent colors with a high pigment load for superb coverage out-of-the-bottle.
  • high resin load so colors may be generously over-reduced, maintaining control, for transparency and atomisation at low psi settings

Wicked Colors Product Range:


Transparent colors with a high pigment content for excellent coverage out of the bottle.

Dry to a semi-gloss finish.


Made with lightfast pigments and are suitable for hard surface application.


Transparent colors available in an extensive palette for artists.

Dry to a matte finish.

Fluorescent & Glow

Bright luminescent neon colors.

W210 UV Glow Base works under “blacklight”

W212 Glow-in-the-Dark – applied over colors to create “glow-in-the-dark” effects.

Paint Sets

Wicked Colors also has its own line of sets.¬† Ranging from conveniently shrink wrapped 6 x 60ml/2oz (primary’s, pearls etc.)¬†sets, as well as, larger artists sets.