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  • Createx Airbrush Colors are primarily for use on absorbent surfaces.
  • They are especially suitable for airbrushing onto fabrics such as t-shirts, leathers (eg. coats, shoes, bags), lycra.
  • These paints, once heat set, are permanent and flex with the fabric they are sprayed onto.
  • Once set they can be washed and exposed to water with no effect.
  • They are professional grade ready for use Airbrush Colors which are manufactured with the highest quality control standards.
  • All Createx Airbrush Colors are water-based, non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards.

Createx Colors Product Range:


Transparents are bright vibrant colors for white or light colored surfaces.


Opaques are solid colors for dark or light colored surfaces.


Pearlized colors are shimmering metallic colors which cover both light and dark colored surfaces.


Airbrush Colors have their own line of additives used to enhance the performance and finish of the paints.


Iridescents are luster colors which change hue with the angle of light.

Paint Sets

Createx Airbrush Colors are also available in 12 compact sets, making it easy for your customer to sample a group of colors.