Our Company History

“Createx Colors” (registered business name Color Craft Ltd) was originally founded in 1978 by Vince and Wendy Kennedy, a chemist and art teacher, in East Granby, CT, USA.

Initially a small, family run, manufacturing firm, the company’s first paint was a student-grade acrylic called “Createx Colors Poster & Fabric Paint”.  As the products performance onto fabric was excellent, with a soft feel after curing, the brand name was decided as “Createx” being the combination of, create & textile.

This would later become a hallmark of its “Createx Airbrush Colors” brand when launched in the early 1990s.  The revolutionary soft touch feel of the paint, together with excellent coverage and light-fast pigments, gave Createx Airbrush Colors global success and recognition..

Now manufacturing eight ranges of paints, Createx products span across the artistic sectors, from the individual Airbrush Artist, creating artwork on canvas, t-shirts or automotive items, through to larger industries, using our products because of their unique and extensive color spectrum and reliable hard-wearing, environmentally friendly durability.

Today, Createx Colors remains a family run business dedicated to manufacturing innovative, high performing coatings which meet and exceed our customers expectations.