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  • advanced urethane and acrylic water-based resins for exceptional adhesion and abrasion resistance.
  • automotive-grade pigments and pearls for vibrant, lightfast colors.
  • a comprehensive line of metallic, pearl, candy and custom colors
  • compatible with all Createx Colors paints
  • durable and versatile – hard enough for automotive yet flexible for costuming, vinyl and leather.

Auto Air Colors Product Range:

Aluminium particles in fine, medium or coarse, suspended in our Auto Air Colors binder.  They are highly reflective making them an ideal base for our candy2o range.
Quicksilver Chrome & Gold Plating are also part of this range.  Sprayed over a high gloss black finish to create realistic effects.
Standard airbrush graphic colors including all of the primary colors.  The semi-opaque line is used for coverage, the perfect background for following art and graphic work.
Similar colors to the semi-opaque line, the transparents will work with the finest tip sized.  Use for airbrushing, not block cover.
Vivid neon colors which are very transparent. Best used over 6001 AutoBorne Sealer White or a like color AutoBorne Sealer.  As with any fluorescent they are not light fast and will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. Not for longterm exterior finishes.
Pearl base coats for graphic and base coat application.   Best applied as a mid-coat over a color-keyed AutoBorne Sealer base.
As with Auto Air Colors Pearls, the Metallics are pearl base coats, best applied over AutoBorne Sealers.
These are part of the Metallic & Pearl family.  Luminescent giving the illusion of color change from different angles.
Pearl Flakes
Pearl Flakes in a transparent base. Apply as a pearl mid-coat over a base color or directly mix with other Auto Air Colors to create unique custom color creations. Hot Rod Sparkle are large pearl-flakes, Cosmic Sparkle are smaller pearl-flakes which are the same found in many O.E.M. automotive colors.
Pearl-popping, candy-looking transparent colors perfect for a stunning finish. Sparklescent Colors are made to get noticed. They’re an excellent graphic and mid-coat pearl finish color
Brilliant transparent colors for custom refinishing and airbrushing. candy₂O combine advanced water-soluble, urethane resin technology with crystal-clear dyes to create truly exceptional candy colors.
candy2o build to a darker value with successive coats and interact with metallics and pearls to create dynamic colors.